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Jackie Blackmore - New Headshot 2019.jpeg

Jackie Blackmore is a professional theatre, film & tv actor, voice-over artist, sketch, improv & physical comedian, director, teacher, award-winning playwright & comedy writer with over 25 years of experience. She’s written & performed in many sketch comedy groups including Strapless Comedy, The Skinny, Grimaldi’s Asylum, Blackout Broadcast, Off Centre Television, Terribly Inappropriate, One Night Stand, Radio Edit, Tight Corset Theatre, & The Legend of Bonefish. They’ve taken her places: the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, San Francisco / Montreal / Toronto / Vancouver Sketchfests, Canwest Global Comedyfest, Vancouver International Comedy Festival, and the Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Victoria, & Vancouver Fringe Festivals where she regularly headlined sold-out shows.  She also does dramatic theatre, some highlights include Proof, The Vagina Monologues, Dancing at Lughnasa, Awkward (her solo one woman show), Dumb Blind Luck, The Good Time Girls & Saucy Bits.  Jackie loves to sell things in commercials & plays quirky young mom zombie-killing paramedic cops in Film & TV shows. Some most recent credits include The Midnight Club, Altered Carbon, Noelle, The Magicians & The Man in The High Castle.  She is a past performing Vancouver Theatresports Masterclass & Rookie League member. She currently coaches on-camera acting to kids, teens & adults and teaches acting & writing at Arts Umbrella & comedy writing at InFocus Film School.

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