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Actor Resume

Jackie Blackmore

Height: 5’11”   Weight: 140 lbs.   Eyes: Hazel    Hair: Auburn      

REPRESENTED BY:      Trudy Aronson  & Aura Benwick


                                      PREMIERE TALENT MANAGEMENT


                                      # 206 – 1529 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC  V6J 1R1 


                                    TRUDY: # (604) 684-6772  AURA: # (604) 687-4909


                                    E: /




FILM & TELEVISION (Selected Credits)

The Midnight Club – ‘The Two Danas’            Principal                Netflix / Mike Flanagan

Altered Carbon – ‘Shadow of A Doubt’          Principal                Netflix / MJ Bassett                                        

SEE – ‘Fresh Blood’                                            Principal                Apple / Francis Lawrence

Family Pictures                                                  Supporting            Lifetime / Manu Boyer

The Magicians - 'A Flock of Lost Birds'           Supporting            NBC Universal / Chris Fisher

My Little Pony: The Last Crusade                   Voice                       DHX Media

Harry and Megan: A Royal Romance             Co-Star                   Lifetime / Menhaj Huda

Noelle                                                                  Supporting            Disney / Marc Lawrence

The Man in the High Castle                             Supporting            Amazon / John Fawcett / Dan Percival

A Gift to Remember                                          Co-Star                  Hallmark / Kevin Fair

Hit The Road – ‘ Jammin’                                  Guest Star             Audience Network / Jerry Levine

                     Loudermilk – ‘Highway 10 Revisited’              Principal               Loudermilk Productions / Peter Farrelly

                     Haters Back Off – ‘Exposing My Impostr’        Principal              Netflix / Steven Tsuchida

                     No Tomorrow - 'No Crying in Baseball'           Actor                     CBS Studios Inc. / Stuart Gillard

                     Beaches  (MOW)                                                 Actor                     Beaches Productions / Allison Anders

                     Death Note                                                          Principal                DN Productions / Adam Wingard  

                     Ties That Bind - 'United Front'                          Actor                     Pender Productions Inc. / Sean McNamara

                     Supernatural - 'Stairway to Heaven'                Principal                Supernatural 5 Films Inc. / Guy Bee

                     Untold Stories of the ER - 'Mysterious High'  Lead                      Urgent Care Productions / Paul Ziller

                     No Men Beyond This Point                               Actor                     YXY Productions / Mark Sawers

                     Bates Motel – ‘Check Out’                                  Actor                    GEP Productions / John Coles

Motive – 'The Dark Corner'                               Principal               Motive Productions Inc. / Andy Mikita

Twisted Sisters –  ‘Cellphone Sisterhood'       Lead                      Judge & Jury Productions / Yoram Astrakhan

Speed Date                                                          Lead                      Chelrye Films / Doug Carter

Beauty School                                                     Lead                      Beauty School Prod. / Adam Warren

Primary                                                                Actor                     Deeply Scarred Prod. / Ross Ferguson

The Vessel                                                           Actor                     Awkward Moment Prod. / Marshall Axani

Fringe – 'They Day We Died'                             Actor                     Warner Bros. / Joe Chappelle

Stargate Universe – 'Seizure'                            Actor                     MGM / SyFy Network / Helen Shaver

Totally Inappropriate                                         Lead                      VFS Port Short / Bob Woosley

V – 'Red Rain'                                                       Actor                     Visitor Films Inc. / Bryan Spicer

Coyote Mountain (TV Pilot)                               Lead                      MAJO Productions / Matt Johnson

Le Divan du Monde                                            Actor                     Zazie Films / Dominic Dejardins

Psych – 'There Might Be Blood'                        Actor                     GEP Productions / John Badham

Catechism                                                            Actor                     Awkward Whale Prod. / Jessica Moorhouse

Under One Roof – 'Handi Man'                        Actor                      Insight Film / Brian K. Roberts

Helen                                                                    Actor                      Egoli Tossell Film / Sandra Nettelbeck

Painkiller Jane – 'Piece of Mind'                       Principal                 Insight Film / Michael Robison

Nest Of Angels                                                    Lead                       Ripped Hyde Prod. / Matthew Courtney 

Stargate: SG1 – 'Bounty'                                   Principal                 MGM Sony Television / Peter DeLuise

Off Centre Television (6 episodes)                  Lead                        Off Centre Productions / Roz Allen

Coast Capital Savings Website 'Julie'              Spokesperson       Rethink Advertising / Bryan Collins

The Dead Zone – 'The Inside Man'                 Actor                       Dead Zone Productions / Michael Robison


THEATRE (Selected Credits)

Strapless Sketch Comedy                                Lead                Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver Fringe / Strapless

Vancouver Theatresports Rookie League     Lead                Vancouver Theatresports / Jay Ono

Help From Above (CBC Radio Pilot)                Lead                CBC Radio One & Three / Nick Marino

Clash: The Next Generation                             Lead                Vancouver Theatresports / A. Cook & J. Ono

The Best of The Skinny                                     Lead                San Francisco/Chicago Sketchfest / TJ Dawe

Adventures In X-Ray Theatre!                          Lead                Montreal & Toronto Sketchfest  / H. Lindsay

Grimaldi’s Asylum                                              Lead                Tom Lee Music Halll / Zahf Paroo

Guilt & Comedy                                                 Solo                 Guilt & Company / Lauren Martin

Push Cabaret                                                      Lead                2008 Push Festival / Richard Wolfe

Proof                                                                    Claire               Deep Cove Stage / Elizabeth Green

The Vagina Monologues                                   Principal          NSWC / Centennial Theatre / Robyn Carson

Blackout Broadcast                                                  Gloria                 Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest / Brian Posen

Awkward                                                                    Solo                    Tight Corset Theatre Co. / Susanne Coutts

Dancing at Lughnasa                                               Agnes                 North Van Community Players / P. Kloegman

The Odd Couple                                                       Mickey                Heights Performance Centre / Gil Shilton

Dumb Blind Luck                                                      Judy                    Tight Corset Theatre Co. / Susanne Coutts

Wild Cards & Loose Canons                             Solo                 Vancouver Comedy Fest / Wayne Specht

Saucy Bits                                                            Lead                Tight Corset Theatre Co. / Jacques Lalonde





Meisner Training Master Class:         Larry Silverberg

Mastery of Acting Intensive:              Linda Darlow / Larry Gilman / Henry J. Mah / Rob Bruner

Acting for Film & TV:                           Linda Darlow / Miguelito Macario / Chilton Crane / Garry Davey.

Acting & Character:                             Lee Michael Cohn / Risa Bramon Garcia / Kathleen Weiss / Stephanie Kirkland

Physical Theatre / Movement:          Denise Clarke / Jane Ellison / Sheila Langston / Jennifer Bishop

Voice / Vocal Training:                        Lori Triolo / David Smuckler / Sheila Langston / Mastery Choir

Voice-over:                                           Cathy Weseluck / Marcy Goldberg / Sonja Bakker

Improvisation & Sketch Comedy:     Vancouver Theatresports / Keith Johnstone / Various Sketch Groups






Sports, Motorcycling / Classic Scooters, Various Accents, Singing (Alto), Award Winning Playwright, Comedy Writer & Physical Comedy Performer.





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